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Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Drums, Bass
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Online Lessons lessons and thousands of Songs in video format, sheet music, tabs, and lyrics with chords to help you progress quickly And easily !

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Guitare, Piano, Chant, Batterie, Basse
  • One subscription for ALL the content on the website.
  • Video tutorials, courses and exercises for all levels.
  • Songs in videos with real recordings, adapted at various levels for each instrument.
  • Synchronized video player: choose your view, slow down, loop,...
  • Online Guitar Pro tabs and player (Tabs).
  • Transposable and printable lyrics and chords.
  • Karaoke, backing tracks, drumless versions and tracks without your instrument..

It's great, you can work on all the instruments and songs in video, Guitar pro and Chords. The video content is really useful and the player is great. My son plays the piano, I play the guitar, and thanks to Yooplay we can play together. Thank you for sharing this music!

item batterie

I dreamed of it and they did it! Thanks to the simplified scores (different levels of difficulty), I can finally play titles that were technically inaccessible to me and that's really great! Plus there’s a drumless version! I am a fan and I recommend 300%

cours de piano

I recommend this site of which I have become a partner teacher. I regularly work with the content of this site with my students
I can only advise you to discover this site. Well done to the whole team…you are on top 😉🎹👍

Nos Formules

I discovered Yooplay on social networks and I immediately joined this superb tool to have fun learning and improving on different ones as well as an excellent playlist which is very comprehensive. Keep the music alive! Deborah


Online music lessons and over 100,000 SONGS

Lessons on one side, Songs on the other, it’s up to you !

Apprentissage Musical

Cult Songs available in Several Levels !


Interactive and
Customizable Tools !

Slow down and Transpose

Adapts the speed without altering the sound and transposes Tabs, Chords and even live audio!

Make loops

Isolate difficult passages and work on them in a loop with the video as well as with the score and tablature.

Play with a real group

Playbacks, Karaoke, Backing Tracks without your part with real sounds recorded by humans!

Choose your Display

Do you hate music theory? Choose what you want to display! Horizontal or vertical scrolling of the score, fretboard view, piano view, etc.

Import your Songs

Thanks to our Tab Player, you no longer need Guitar Pro! Import your files directly and work with our online Multi-Track Player.

And much more !

Printable content, unbeatable price-quality, 100% French, compatible with all connected devices, mult-instrumental, with pre-requisite courses included, etc.

Go ! Start playing and having fun in just a few clicks

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Yooplay is an interactive educational platform, ideal for your courses. Enjoy its advanced features and interactive content, all for free.

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  • Free : Full and free access.
  • Intuitive : Easy to use interface.
  • Interactive : Wide range of educational content.

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the first online music lesson portal!

Work at Your Own Pace !

Learn to play an instrument online

With the online music lessons and our videos developed by Yooplay, learn music from home without stress or constraints. All our online content is tailor-made so that you learn while having fun and enjoying our online music lessons.

The Yooplay online music lesson teaching method is intended to be playful, intuitive and fun. It adapts to all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and to all music styles (rock song, pop song, blues song, metal song…). 


Work on pieces whatever your level

Play the original versions of its favourites favorites is difficult when you don't have the required level. Thanks to our online tool, learning to play your favorite melody and imitating your idol becomes possible! Our online music lesson videos and tutorials are here to guide you throughout your learning. It doesn’t matter what melody you like and what level you have!

Tailor-made musical lessons

  • Rock. With our online music course lessons and tutorials, unlock all the secrets of this style, discover its concepts and improve your rock technique at your own pace. On the practical side, practice to famous sounds like COME AS YOU ARE by NIRVANA.
  • Pop. Our online music course tutorials and lessons will help you progress so that you can easily play your favorite pop songs: BLINDING LIGHTS by THE WEEKND, HAPPY by PHARRELL WILLIAMS and many others!
  • Blues. Thanks to our specially prepared online music lessons, progress and improve on melodies that everyone knows!
  • Metal. Our complete lessons and online music courses will allow you to discover metal techniques. For practice, practice on famous metal riffs and music like BACK IN BLACK by ACDC or ZOMBIE by VERSION BAD WOLVES.
  • Funky. Via our learning methods and online music lessons, you will learn the basics of this genre before practicing on famous funk sounds like LITTLE L by JAMIROQUAI.
  • Variety. Thanks to our online music courses, our lessons and tutorials, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the rhythms, chords, notes you need to know at all costs. You will then be able to put your knowledge into practice on legendary variety songs: JE DIS AIME by M, LA BOMBE HUMAINE by TÉLÉPHONE, LA NUIT JE MENS by ALAIN BASHUNG…

Instant fun !

An easy and intuitive method of free music lessons on the web

Through a unique online music lesson method, Yooplay adapts and simplifies certain passages so that they are accessible to everyone.
The goal remains to progress and have fun.

Beginners or advanced musicians, we can progress thanks to our online music lessons, tutorials technical and theoretical.
If you wish, the user experience on the site allows you to slow down the speed of your lessons (without altering the pitch), complete the parts to work on, use the metronome integrated using our video tool.

Becoming a budding musician on the internet is now possible thanks to the services offered on the site. Yooplay provides you with intuitive and educational methods, perfectly adapted to your level and whatever your preferred music styles.

Our web learning tools offer musicians who wish to progress personalized courses and tutorial videos shot by music experts (music teachers, composers, etc.) for complete and fun learning from home. The only equipment needed to learn music with Yooplay: a computer and an internet connection. Easy, right?

Free music lessons

Because we love sharing our passion for music, we provide free online music lessons (with materials available) to download without paying anything :

  • Tablatures (Bass, guitar folk, piano, Drum, Vocals, synthesizer…)
  • Music sheet
  • Piano and Guitar Chords
  • Songs' lyrics
  • music theory and harmony

You can also play backing versions, save your favorites, and much more! Don't hesitate to join the Yooplay tribe. Our community is waiting for you!

Best site to learn to play an instrument for free

Whether it's courses for learn guitar online for free or guitar lessons to develop yourself, there is something for everyone on Yooplay! 
Do you think Yooplay is the best site for learning to play zic?
Do not hesitate to give your opinion on our online music course tool (via Google) and on our teaching methods for learning music on the web.

Yooplay, your musical companion, is dedicated to supporting you in your musical journey, whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician. Our online music lessons platform takes into account all suggestions and feedback from our users, because we believe in providing you with the best music learning experience.

If you are a beginner and looking for a starting point, our qualified teachers are here to help you. We offer a variety of courses, from music theory to composition lessons, including contemporary music lessons where you will even find a little classical and jazz. Our experienced teachers are ready to guide you through every step of your musical journey, whether you want to master the basics of music theory, explore the complexity of classical music, improvise on a jazz tune or create your own musical compositions.

Our commitment to music is not limited to teaching. We are here to meet all your musical needs. Whether for individual or group lessons, for online or face-to-face learning, Yooplay offers a varied range of services to help you achieve your musical goals. So, don't hesitate to explore our platform and connect with a teacher who matches your needs and your musical style. Yooplay is much more than a music school, it is a passionate community dedicated to music and your musical development.