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Apprendre à jouer: Noir désir

> Learn the music of Noir desir

Noir Désir – The Birth of a Musical Legend

Welcome to the epic story of Noir Désir, a French rock band that left its mark on generations with its powerful music and poignant lyrics.

Modest Beginnings in Bordeaux

Noir Désir was founded in 1980 in Bordeaux, France. The group was formed by Bertrand Cantat on vocals, Serge Teyssot-Gay on guitar, Denis Barthe on drums and Frédéric Vidalenc on bass. The group's name, inspired by the title of a novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette, already announced the dark and reflective atmosphere of their music to come.

The Group’s Rise to Power

In the 1980s, Noir Désir began to make a name for itself on the French music scene thanks to its alternative music and provocative lyrics. Their first album, “Where do you want me to look?” (1987), attracted attention and marked the start of an exceptional musical career.

Engaged Music and the Artistic Evolution of Noir Désir

Explores the distinctive characteristics of Noir Désir's music, as well as their social commitment and artistic evolution over the years.

Deeply Engaged Texts

One of the most striking characteristics of Noir Désir is the depth of their lyrics. The group tackles themes such as society, politics, love and the human condition with heartbreaking sincerity. Songs like “Un Jour en France” and “Le Vent Nous Portera” have become anthems for those seeking truth and reflection in music.

The Power of Rock Sound

Noir Désir is also praised for its powerful and melodic rock sound. Serge Teyssot-Gay's guitar riffs and Bertrand Cantat's captivating voice created a unique musical fusion that captivated a wide audience.

Musical Evolution and Artistic Maturity

Over the years, Noir Désir has evolved artistically, exploring new musical horizons while preserving its distinct identity. Their album “Des visages des figures” (2001) was a turning point in their career, showing artistic maturity and a desire to experiment.

The Commitment to Justice and Freedom

Noir Désir has always been involved in social and political causes. Their song “The Man in a Hurry” was an anthem against the consumer society, while their support for social justice movements marked their commitment to a better world.

The Highlights of Noir Désir’s Career

Relive the most emblematic moments of Noir Désir's career, from promising debuts to memorable shows.

The First Album and Recognition

“Where do you want me to look?” was a critical and commercial success, launching the group onto the national scene. The title “To the dark heroes of the bitter” has become a rock anthem in France.

The Apogee with “666.667 Club”

The album “666.667 Club” (1996) was a high point in Noir Désir's career, marked by songs like “Un Jour en France” and “Tostaky”. The group continued to expand its audience and gain international recognition.

The Hiatus and the Reunion

After an extended hiatus, Noir Désir reunited in 2001 to release the album “Des visages des figures”, confirming their status as a legendary group.

Separation and Lasting Legacy

Unfortunately, in 2010, the group announced their separation after tragic events. However, their musical legacy endures, and their influence continues to inspire new artists.