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Apprendre à jouer: Téléphone

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Telephone – The Birth of a Rock Myth

Discover the fascinating history of the group Téléphone, a musical group that left its mark on the history of French rock.

The Beginnings of Rock

Telephone was born in the early 1970s in Paris, a time when French rock was booming. The founding members of the group, Jean-Louis Aubert, Louis Bertignac, Corine Marienneau and Richard Kolinka, met in Parisian musical circles.

Group Formation

The core of the group was formed around Jean-Louis Aubert and Louis Bertignac, who shared a common passion for rock 'n' roll. With the addition of Corine Marienneau on bass and Richard Kolinka on drums, Telephone was ready to conquer the French music scene.

Humble Beginnings

Telephone's early years were marked by humble beginnings. They began playing bars and clubs in Paris, making a name for themselves in the local circuit. Their raw energy and distinctive sound captured the public's attention.

The Triumph of Telephone Rock

Explores Telephone's meteoric rise on the French music scene and its lasting impact on rock.

The First Self-titled Album

In 1977, Telephone released their self-titled debut album, which included iconic tracks such as “Hygiaphone” and “La Bombe Humaine”. The album was an instant success and helped redefine rock in French.

Energy and Engagement on Stage

Telephone was known for his explosive stage performances. On stage, the group exuded a raw energy that electrified the audience. Their commitment to their music and their audience was palpable.

Successful Albums

The band continued to release successful albums, including “Crache Ton Venin” (1979) and “Au Cœur de la Nuit” (1980), which cemented their status as French rock icons. Telephone's songs were marked by poetic lyrics and catchy melodies.

Influence on the French Rock Scene

Telephone has had a profound influence on the French rock scene. They paved the way for many bands and artists who embraced rock in French. Their distinctive sound has also inspired generations of musicians.

Musical Evolution and Cultural Impact

Discover how Telephone evolved musically and its cultural impact on France and beyond.

Musical Evolution

Over the years, Telephone has expanded its musical repertoire, experimenting with elements of punk, new wave and alternative rock. Their music has become more complex and mature, while retaining its characteristic energy.

Social and Political Engagement

Telephone members were also socially and politically engaged. They have participated in charity events and used their music to raise awareness of social issues.

Lasting Cultural Impact

Telephone left a lasting cultural impact in France and beyond. Their music continues to be enjoyed by new generations of fans, and their songs are regularly played on the radio and used in commercials and films.