Heart shaped box by Nirvana

Learning to play Nirvana's “Heart-Shaped Box” is an unforgettable experience for any aspiring guitarist, as this iconic song is a '90s rock classic.

👉 Here How to Play Heart shaped box Guitar and Bass?


Black Hole sun

Rediscover Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden and the late Chris Cornell  ! An exclusive two-step version with simple chords but also with a captivating rhythm to accompany your singing and thrill your audience!

👉 Here is our course  How to Play Guitar and Sing Black hole sun?

More than words

American hard rock band Extreme keeps the spirit of hard rock alive with their sixth studio album, Six, published in 2023. We invite you to (re)discover More than words with our course including the original guitar version, a simplified chord version, singing and backing vocals.

👉 Take a look at How to play More than words by Extreme ?


Learn Hold the line, this song essential to TOTO ! Here is another piece that is easy to listen to but not so easy to play. A few small subtleties will annoy some musicians regardless of the instrument.

👉 Learn Hold the line, choose your instrument and off you go!


Discover the bewitching secrets of "Secret" with our exclusive course, guiding you step by step to master this iconic song from Louane and captivate your audience with an emotional and authentic performance.

👉 Discover our course How to play Louane's Secret ?


Learn to master the Drums of Sad But True by Metallica played by Lars Ulrich. This cult song, characterized by its heaviness of sound and its imposing rhythm, offers an intense playing experience for drummers looking for a rich and varied game.

👉 Discover the Drums of Sad but true


Here is the drums for “I was made for lovin you” by the group Kiss!
As with most of the Dynasty album, session drummer Anton Fig replaced Peter Criss for the recordings.

👉 Here's how to learn the drums I was made for lovin you  !


Learn to master “Sad But True“, one of the centerpieces of the Black Album of the emblematic group Metallica. This song, characterized by its heaviness of sound and its imposing rhythm, offers an intense playing experience for guitarists eager for a challenge.

👉 Play the rhythm guitars as well as the 2 solos of the song Sad but true

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