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4 sixteenth notes – Bass

How to play 4 sixteenth notes on bass?

Before you start on the 4 sixteenth notes

If you want to play 4 sixteenth notes on the bass, here are the steps you will need to follow if you have started well
by the basics i.e. the Whole note, the Half note, the black ones and the eighth notes. First of all, you will need to place your
fingers on the strings of the instrument, depending on the note you want to play.
However on these exercises rhythmic we obviously impose a mark on you but that won't change anything
when you play others.

With which fingers to play the 4 sixteenth notes?

Your right hand (if you are right-handed) will play the first sixteenth note using your index finger. Then, continues
quickly with the second sixteenth note, which you will play with your middle finger. The third sixteenth note will be
played by striking the string with your index finger, and finally, the fourth sixteenth note will be played with your middle finger.
You will need to repeat these movements as many times as necessary to play all the desired notes.
Make sure you play each note distinctly and that the four sixteenth notes are played equally.
fairly in terms of duration, therefore on a regular basis.

Tip for playing 4 sixteenth notes

It is recommended to practice regularly to acquire the dexterity and fluidity necessary to
quickly play the 4 sixteenth notes on the bass.
You can start at a slow tempo and gradually increase the speed over time.