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not transposable

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tnt guitar tabLearn TNT guitar tab intro

Learn TNT guitar tab intro: simple, effective

The guitar riff from AC/DC's “TNT” is one of the band's most iconic. Created by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, this riff is instantly recognizable and is the central element of the song. It's a simple but effective riff, characterized by powerful, rhythmic chords that propel the song forward with raw energy.

Learn TNT guitar tab intro: based on power chords

The riff of “TNT” is based on typical hard rock power chords, with fifth and fourth chords that create a powerful and aggressive sound. Played with a catchy rhythm and precise attacks, this riff gives the song its dynamic and catchy character.

Learn TNT guitar tab intro: energetic

What makes the “TNT” riff so memorable is its simplicity and effectiveness. It captures the essence of AC/DC's style with its raw energy and irresistible groove. This iconic riff became a central part of the band's repertoire and remains a fan favorite, continuing to inspire guitarists around the world.