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Play Believer: BASS

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not transposable

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Believer bass tab

How to play Believer bass tab?

The original bass line from “Believer” by Imagine Dragons is a bit unusual since it is played on synth rather than bass. However, this synth part includes slides which can prove to be a real technical challenge for bass players. Slides are a technique that involves sliding from one note to another on the bass neck while playing only once. This can be difficult to perform accurately, especially when playing quickly and maintaining good synchronization with other instruments.

Believer bass tab: the rhythm part

In terms of rhythm, the bass line of “Believer” is relatively simple. It is mainly composed of notes of different durations, namely quarter note, of the Whole note and dotted whites. This means that bassists will need to be comfortable with these different durations to be able to play the part correctly. Although the bass part is not present in the original version of the song, bassists can still try out this synth part by transposing it onto their instrument. This will allow them to add their own personal touch to the song while working on their slide technique.

Believer bass tab: to conclude

In short, the original bassline of “Believer” may seem simple, but the slides can prove to be a significant technical challenge for bassists. By working on this part regularly, bassists will be able to improve their precision and synchronization with other instruments, as well as their ability to play different durations. Additionally, the ability to play this synth part on bass can allow bassists to give their own interpretation of the song while challenging themselves technically.