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Exercise 1 to 3


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Quarter sigh / sixteenth / eighth note breaks

Quarter-sigh/sixteenth/sigh breaks: Exercise 1

First, I invite you to work on this rhythmic figure on your snare drum. “Quarter sigh / double / eighth note”, that’s how you played 4 sixteenth notes but you don't play the first and fourth sixteenth notes. I advise you to play this first sixteenth note on your right thigh and the fourth sixteenth note on your left thigh in order to stay in the flow of the 4 sixteenth notes without hearing them ring. As a result, you will obtain the sound rendering of the “quarter sigh / sixteenth note / eighth note” rhythmic figure.

Quarter sigh / sixteenth note / eighth note breaks: Exercise 2

In this second exercise, it will be a question of alternating a measure of rhythm and a measure of Fills using quarter sigh / sixteenth note / eighth note. I offer you 6 breaks to work on initially only on your snare drum.

Quarter-sigh/sixteenth/sigh breaks: Exercise 3

In this third exercise, it's about taking the previous 6 breaks and playing them on your toms and your snare drum in order to work on your movements on the drums.