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Exercises 1 to 3


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Triplet/sextuplet fills

Triplet/sextuplet fills : Exercise 1

Before playing these rhythmic figures, you need to understand how they are constructed. When you play a 6/8 on the drums, the pulse (at the dotted quarter note) now includes 3 eighth notes (Triplet) and not 2 as in binary rhythms. If you insert your left hand between each right hand stroke while maintaining the same speed with your right hand, you will obtain a sextuplets.

In this first exercise the idea is to chain “Triolets” and “sextuplets”. This way you will stay in the same flow and this will allow you to move correctly from a triplet to a sextuplet. When you are comfortable with this exercise, you can move on to the next exercise.

Triplet/sextuplet fills : Exercise 2

In this second exercise, I suggest you play a measure of rhythm in 6/8 and a measure of breaks which alternates “triolets” and “sextuplets” by varying the positions in the bar. So you'll get differents fills to use in many songs using 6/8 or 12/8.

Triplet/sextuplet fills : Exercise 3

Finally, the last exercise asks you to apply what you learned in exercise 2 on your toms and your snare drum. This way, you will work on your movements on the drums and you will obtain new sounds for your fills.