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Easy chromaticism on bass

Deliator Bass Guitar:

This essential chromaticism exercise will allow you to relax and start to take control of each finger.
This is the first obstacle you encounter when you start playing bass. This is also a good warm-up exercise that you can do
as often as possible before starting a piece or picking up where you left off.

Unbinding Bass guitar: the little finger problem

The pinky finger on the bass guitar is problematic, whether performing chords or melodies.
The problem is a question of strength and agility. Naturally, theIndex and the Major are the easiest to “tame”,
then theAnnular still has some strength and mobility. On the other hand, theAuricular (little finger) is a little
the forgotten finger because in everyday life we rarely use it.
So, to overcome this problem, there are some technical exercises that allow you to “educate” this famous little
finger that we lack on bass. And that we neglect from the start, to postpone the deadline for compulsory passage
towards adequate exercises.

Unbinding Bass Guitar: Chromatisms

The first exercise that we offer you is a chromaticism exercise.
Chromatics consist of playing notes spaced a semitone apart with your four fingers (thumb excluded), on each string. It's not very musical, but it at least has the merit of making you work your pinky.

Bass guitar unbinder: Advice

We advise you to work very slowly, emphasizing and exaggerating when you press with your finger.
The goal is to rebalance the strength between all your fingers.
The 1st exercise is the simplest, the others are based on the same logic but changing the diagram. Your turn ! Then move on to following unbinding exercises