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  • Enter Sandman Solo Guitar

Play Enter Sandman: GUITAR

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Enter Sandman Solo Guitar

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Enter Sandman

enter sandman solo tab

How to play Enter sandman solo tab?

Kirk Hammett's harmonic approach:

Here is an analysis that will allow you to learn “Enter Sandman” from Metallica!

Enter sandman solo tab: Pentatonic scales

Let's start by breaking down the harmonic tools and devices of Enter sandman solo tab. The first few phrases of the solo repeat the main riff of the song discussed above. What's interesting is that although the key of the riff is E minor, Hammett doesn't blatantly use Aeolian or Natural Minor. He takes a different approach to harmonizing his solo in key.

Enter sandman solo tab: E minor penta

The first harmonic device he uses here is the pentatonic scale in E minor. In the opening phrases of the solo, Hammett focuses more on the use of strong rhythms and groove than a melodic approach. The pentatonic structure is a fantastic tool for taking this approach, with the scale as one of its many uses being an excellent structure in which to lay strong rhythmic lines and phrases as seen in the beginning of this solo.

This is mainly due to the stripped-down nature of the pentatonic scale, which is made up of five notes: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th notes of the scale as opposed to the seven-note scale structure that constitutes the modal system Western.

Enter sandman solo tab: The Material

For this, you will need, in addition to your guitar and your amp, a wah pedal to add to the distorted sound of your guitar. There are varying opinions among guitarists on where to place your wah pedal in the effects chain – personally, I always place my wah as the first pedal I plug into and place it at the front of my amp instead of placing it in the effects loop (play around and choose what seems best to you). As for pedals, I believe Kirk Hammett uses a rack-mounted cry baby wah because Metallica's setup is always quite large, allowing for multiple controllers on stage. If you don't have a wah pedal yet, I personally use a Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q wah pedal. There are other options on the market, but I think they offer the best flexibility and variety of sounds you can get, unlike other pedals.

The techniques used in Enter sandman solo tab:

The guitar techniques used in “Enter Sandman” are ones you absolutely must master before learning this song.

Enter sandman solo tab: Downpicking

Downpicking is a guitar technique used in this song. Believe it or not !
James Hetfield is perhaps the most famous downpicker of all time. Almost every Metallica song has downpicking. Fortunately, the tempo of “Enter Sandman” is rather “slow” compared to other Metallica hits.
The tempo of Enter sandman is 123 bpm (beats per minute), which is rather slow for Metallica. 123 bpm is slow enough that any intermediate guitarist can get by.

Downpicking is a technique known for its physical difficulty. It takes strength and endurance to downpick throughout the song. But don't worry, “Enter Sandman” isn't a fast track, so you won't have to go too fast.

If you are new to downpicking, I advise you to take a look at this article (on this site). There you will find tips for quickly and easily developing your downpicking (or downstroking) technique.

Enter sandman solo tab: Palm mute

It is impossible to play Metallica without using a technique of palm muting effective. In fact, palm muting is inseparable from downpicking. These two techniques therefore go hand in hand.
Make sure you know how to mute the strings on a distorted guitar. Without proper palm muting, notes continue to ring out, resulting in a muddy, sloppy, and generally bad sound.
Palm muting takes some practice, but it's not a very difficult technique to master. Play with your guitar and you will quickly understand.

Analysis of Enter sandman solo tab

Start – Clear guitar sound

The song begins with a clean and repetitive main riff. It's not difficult to play if you have some finger dexterity and use alternate picking. It is played on three low strings. It's not quick and requires only basic guitar skills.

Enter sandman solo tab: The rise of power

After the clean part at the beginning, the song becomes heavier. It's a kind of anticipation that leads into the main riff.
Is this part difficult? Not really.
As mentioned before, be careful to use downpicking and palm muting. But again, this is not a fast track (by Metallica standards).

Enter sandman solo tab: The main riff

The main riff arrives in the finale after a build-up that preceded it. The riff is strong and recognizable.
The difference between the main riff and the builddup is that the main riff sounds, while the builddup is sort of “muted”. It's the atmosphere.
So basically, a main riff is like a buildup, but with a booming sound. The first note of an E power chord in the riff sounds.
The next three notes are slightly muted by your palm. It will take you a while to find the right amount of palm muting for this riff. But with practice, you can master this riff in a few days (or a day), depending on your current skills.
The last part of the riff is just a movement between the chords G, F# and E. It's a combination of palm muting and sliding. Sliding from fret to fret is one of the easiest guitar techniques. Make sure you practice the slide a bit. But in this case, it's not really a slippage. (from 2nd to 3rd fret)

The first part of the rhythm section where you solo begins with an E5 power chord. This follows a shift up the octave, which, once at the top of the octave, descends to the 5th flat of the B flat key before dropping back down a semitone to land on the 4th of the key, with the note A.
This idea of incorporating a flat 5 into your guitar riffs is almost a window into things to come for Metallica, with a fairly “bluesy” approach that appears a lot on Load and Re Load's subsequent albums. Once this riff is repeated three times, it resolves through a sequence of power chords that move between G5, F#5, and E5, which highlights the key of E minor even though the riff contains a flat 5. In this case, the flat 5 is used as a passing tone to color the sound before it drops to the 4th tone.

Verse of Enter sandman solo tab

When James Hetfield sings, a guitar plays a heavy, descending rhythm. Here again, you will need to master the downpicking technique.
Additionally, the sound is very tight, like all Metallica songs. But it's not at all difficult to play, because, again, it's not fast at all.

The bridge of Enter sandman solo tab

The bridge that precedes the chorus only lasts 4 bars. It consists of playing tight notes, with the palm muting technique. It's not difficult to play at all.

Chorus of Enter sandman solo tab

The chorus is a cheesier, more power chord version of the main riff. It's strong and tight. Not complex or difficult.

Analysis of Enter sandman solo tab

It would be stupid to begin breaking down a solo without first considering what you're going to play on. When you play a solo, whether it's a written or improvised solo, you should first and foremost pay attention to what you're going to play to, and in an ideal world, you should seek to add and improve what exists rather than making it a backdrop for you to show off your best licks and guitar techniques.

What we have with Enter sandman solo tab is that you have structured your solo to fit three parts of the song: The main riff, the pre-chorus section, and the chorus section. So let's see what happens with the rhythm section parts or the backdrop against which you solo.

The interesting point I noticed in the opening section of your solo on the main riff is the use of triads after the E minor pentatonic scale. At the end of this section, you use these triads to move up the neck of the guitar, increasing the pitch and tension to move on to the next section.

(Pro tip: practice soloing on different sections and creating tension in your phrasing by shortening the rhythm division or going up in pitch, like in the section shown here).

The triads you use here are a D major triad (D, F#, A), an E minor triad (E, G, B), and a F# minor triad (Fa#, A, C#). Probably the simplest way to look at it is to say that you go up in triads in the D major scale. Even though I have an in-depth theoretical knowledge of music, there is one thing that I personally hate, and that is that people who do analysis (or as I prefer to call it) or breakdowns, talk like they had first-hand knowledge of your exact intention or approach.

Great artists only do their art and the fact that there are so many great artists who have virtually no theoretical knowledge to explain what they do – I believe it is always better to make observations and simple suggestions/tools that are useful for people looking to learn and improve their playing and musicianship, rather than proposing to know what you think.

The reason I have to come out with this little rant is that since you play a triad of F# minor over the C#, some might say that you decided to play the E-Dorian mode (derived from D major) in this case. rather than mid-wind mode. Regardless of the Do# in this triad, it is worth noting that with the speed of the phrasing used, the Do# passed so quickly that one could suggest that it is simply part of an effect intended to create tension leading to the next section, rather than making a permanent minor mode change.

Enter Sandman's guitar solo is perhaps one of the best solos written and performed by Kirk Hammet. And if we compare the solo in this song to other Metallica solos, it's one of the easiest solos in their repertoire.

But it's also one of Metallica's best solos. It is catchy and catchy. Of course, it contains A LOT of wah effects.

Techniques for learning Enter sandman solo tab

Enter sandman solo tab: The bends

Almost all rock/metal solos feature many bendings of ropes. Knowing how to “bend” a rope is an essential technique.

Enter sandman solo tab: Vibrato

Vibrato is an extremely important guitar technique. Without vibrato, your playing remains boring and dull. Vibrato is the expression of a feeling.
Try to imagine a guitar solo without vibrato. All those big guitar solos would immediately sound bad. Make sure you know how to perform basic vibrato, as this is a prerequisite for learning this solo.

Enter sandman solo tab: Le legato

Legato is another technique used in 99.99 % cases in rock and metal. You need to know how to perform this technique if you want to consider yourself an advanced guitarist. It consists of “pull offs” and “hammer ons”.
Enter Sandman's solo is no exception. There's legato in it and you need to know it (at a basic level) to continue learning the solo.

Enter sandman solo tab: Pentatonic scale form

The pentatonic scale is a scale that has 5 different notes. It is the basis of blues, rock and even metal. Kirk Hammet relies heavily on this range, although it's not the only one he uses. Enter Sandman's solo is a typical metal/hard rock pentatonic solo.
It is therefore very important that you know the fundamental pentatonic shapes on a fretboard. Knowing pentatonic shapes will significantly improve your learning process. This solo is no exception. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the pentatonic scale and pentatonic shapes. Trust me, this will help you learn Enter sandman solo tab much faster.

Enter sandman solo tab: Additional tips

Here are some more tips to learn Enter sandman solo tab. If you follow these rules, you will learn it faster. These are also general tips that will help you develop your gaming skills, in a broader sense.

  1. Use a metronome

As said, this song is one of Metallica's slowest. However, if the pace is too fast for you at first, I strongly advise you to use a metronome.
The metronome is a powerful tool. If 123 bpm, which is the tempo of Enter sandman solo tab, is too fast for you, don't worry. Just slow down the tempo on the metronome.
For example, you can feel comfortable playing the song at 90 bpm, or at 100 bpm. Whatever tempo works for you, choose it. Play the song at the tempo you choose. After a while, speed up a little.
Soon you will be able to play a song at the original tempo without problem. Be patient and start slowly.

  1. Rest

This is often overlooked advice. Resting is essential in any learning process. Sometimes a 5 minute break is enough. Sometimes an hour of rest is the best choice. But sometimes you need to rest for a day.
Rest when you feel your fingers have had enough. They may be painful or you just don't have the courage to learn something new right now.
It's not serious. Resting is an integral part of the learning process. Learning Enter sandman solo tab is no exception.

Well done !