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Counting from 1 to 13 on a single note


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Counting from 1 to 13 – Single note

Breathing exercise 1 to 13 on a note

Exercice de respiration 1 à 13 NoteBreath counting exercises are an effective method for improving vocal connection and strengthening breathing. They are divided into two parts, the first consisting of holding a straight and simple note while counting from 1 to 13 by inserting “and” between the numbers.

Breathing exercise 1 to 13 on a note: recommendations

It is important to take a deep breath before starting the exercise to ensure good respiratory control. It is also advisable to release excess air on the last digit to avoid a build-up of tension in the body.

To better control breathing, it is recommended to place your hands on the abdominal buoy. This makes it easier to visualize and feel the movements of breathing and to ensure good regularity of air flow.

It's also important not to raise your shoulders during the exercise, as this can cause upper body tension and disrupt airflow.

For female singers, it is possible to take the octave above the base note if it suits their voice better. This also allows you to exercise the high notes of the voice and broaden the vocal range.

Articulation should be exaggerated in order to work on diction and improve voice clarity. This allows for better control of vowels and consonants and ensures accurate pronunciation of words.

Breathing exercise 1 to 13 on a note: Daily Routine

It is important to note that if one fails to maintain a steady grade while counting, it does not matter. The goal is to train regularly to progress and improve your vocal connection and breathing.

These exercises should be integrated into the vocal routine to achieve optimal results. It is advisable to practice them regularly, ideally daily, to develop healthy breathing and a strong vocal connection.


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