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  • Original piano

Play Fire on fire: PIANO

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Original piano

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Fire on fire

Fire on fire piano

How to play fire on fire piano by Sam Smith?

Fire on fire piano: A Work of Emotion and Power

When music meets the soul, it can ignite feelings, evoke memories and transcend linguistic boundaries to touch hearts on a universal level. In the contemporary musical landscape, few songs embody this truth as perfectly as “Fire on Fire” by Sam Smith. At the heart of this captivating ballad is an iconic instrument that gives it its emotional depth and poignant power: the piano.

From the first notes of “Fire on Fire”, the piano presents itself as an emotional guide, transporting the listener on an introspective journey. The chords evoke a subtle melancholy, while the melody seeps into the most intimate recesses of the soul. This piano, with its rich timbre and deep resonance, serves as the perfect backdrop for Sam Smith's captivating vocals, creating a masterful synergy between music and lyrics.

Fire on fire piano: A Symbol of Resilience and Hope

Beyond its musical beauty, the piano of “Fire on Fire” also becomes a symbol of resilience and hope. As the song explores themes of love, loss and struggle, the piano remains constant, providing an anchor in the emotional turmoil. It’s a musical lifeline, a beacon of hope in the midst of the darkness.

Fire on fire piano: Chords

Verse chords:

C#m (C sharp minor); E (Mi); G#m (G sharp minor); To the)

Chords Pre-choruses:

F#m (F sharp minor); G#m; HAS ; B (Si); C#m; B

Chords Chorus:

C#m; E ; G#m; To the)
F#m; HAS ; C#m; B; F#m; G#m; HAS

Bridge Chords:

C#m; HAS ; E ; B

Fire on fire piano: The rhythm

This entire piece is played in eighth notes alternating right hand, left hand. If this rhythm is not familiar to you, I refer you to the course on eighth notes on the piano and in particular exercise 4.

Fire on fire piano: Dynamics

It's not just the simplicity of the chords that makes the piano of “Fire on Fire” so captivating, but also the way in which it is performed. Each note is charged with raw emotion, each silence resonates with palpable intensity. The piano technique of this song is both subtle and powerful, capturing the essence of the emotional story told by Sam Smith.

Good practice !!