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Play 136 songs with the same chords

Guitare avec Jean Felix Lalanne : 136 Chansons avec Accords

Learn Easily 136 Songs Guitar and Piano Chords with Jean-Félix Lalanne: An Ultimate Guide



Guitar with Jean Felix Lalanne: 136 Songs for Guitar and Piano

Discover the Singing and Chords Guide by Jean-Félix Lalanne

Jean-Félix Lalanne, renowned guitarist, has designed a compact guide to allow music enthusiasts to sing a wide repertoire of songs with just a few basic chords, whether on guitar or piano. This guide is ideal for beginners who want to discover the magic of these instruments without needing to be virtuosos. The simplicity and accessibility of Lalanne's method are at the heart of this program, making music fun and accessible to everyone.

A Progressive and Accessible Method

The Basics of Agreements

Jean-Félix Lalanne explains that, just as the alphabet allows us to form words and sentences, a few basic chords are enough to express a multitude of musical feelings. This guide takes a step-by-step approach, adding chords as you go, allowing beginners to sing a variety of complete songs with just one set of chords. This simplified method is perfect for those who want to quickly learn how to accompany their favorite songs on the guitar or piano.

Explore a New Musical Repertoire

Discovery of New Songs

Another benefit of this guide is the discovery of new songs. Jean-Félix Lalanne has selected musical gems that might be completely unknown to your usual repertoire. This musical exploration enriches your experience and opens you to new artistic horizons. Thanks to this method, you will be able to diversify your repertoire while developing your instrumental skills.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Pleasure of Music

User-Friendly Practice

Sit comfortably with your guitar or in front of your keyboard or piano, and let yourself be carried away by the pleasure of music. Jean-Félix Lalanne's method for guitar and piano will guide you step by step, making each learning session enjoyable and motivating. Whether you are a beginner or simply want to enrich your repertoire, this guide is a valuable tool for all music lovers.

An Easy and Fun Method by Jean-Félix Lalanne

The compact guide designed by Jean-Félix Lalanne is an effective and accessible method for learning to play the guitar or piano with just a few basic chords. Optimized for beginners, this guide allows you to sing a wide repertoire of songs while discovering new musical gems. With Jean-Félix Lalanne's method, the guitar and the piano become magical instruments, accessible and a source of infinite musical pleasure.

Jean-Félix Lalanne, through this guide, demonstrates that the guitar and piano can be accessible to everyone thanks to his progressive and friendly method. Learn to play guitar with Jean-Félix Lalanne and discover a new musical world with just a few basic chords.

Guitar with Jean Felix Lalanne: Jean-Félix Lalanne: A Guitar Virtuoso

A Prolific and Rewarded Career

Jean-Félix Lalanne is a guitar virtuoso, internationally recognized for his exceptional talent. With around forty albums to his credit as an artist, he has become a French ambassador of the guitar in the world, having been elevated to the rank of Knight of Arts and Letters. Jean-Félix Lalanne has also obtained several gold and platinum records as an artist or producer.

Beginnings and First Rewards

Jean-Félix Lalanne's first album is a classical guitar solo where he performs Chopin's waltzes and Polonaises. In 1986, he was nominated for the Victoires de la Musique for the soundtrack of the film “Le Passage” with Alain Delon.

Guitar with Jean Felix Lalanne: Prestigious Collaborations

Partnerships with Guitar Legends

Throughout his career, Jean-Félix Lalanne has collaborated with guitar legends like John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, Marcel Dadi, Georges Benson, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and Doc Watson.

Creation and Success of the Show “Around the Guitar”

He is also the creator and producer of the show “Autour de la guitar,” which enjoyed phenomenal success for more than ten years in prestigious Parisian venues such as the Olympia, the Casino de Paris and the Palais des Sports.

Guitar with Jean Felix Lalanne: Orchestral Works and Innovations

The Astral Symphony

In the 2000s, Jean-Félix Lalanne composed “La symphonie astrale,” an orchestral work in twelve movements, each illustrating the characteristics of the signs of the zodiac. This work is performed with the Lyon Symphony Orchestra during a tour in China, incorporating instruments from the Shanghai Traditional Orchestra.

“Lalanne Guitar” app

Jean-Félix Lalanne has also developed an iPad application, “Lalanne guitar,” which offers an immersion in his musical universe with scores, tablatures, and DVDs of his concerts and shows.

Guitar with Jean Felix Lalanne: Various Shows and Albums

Solo Achievements and Collaborations

He has produced several shows solo or with other artists, such as “Around the Celtic Guitar” with Dan Ar Braz, Soig Siberil, Gildas Arzel and Gilles Lebigot. In 2013, Jean-Félix Lalanne released the album “A voice a guitar,” dedicated to guitar-voice duets with artists such as Serge Lama, Michel Jonasz, Benabar, Louis Chedid, Jeanne Moreau and Vanessa Paradis.

Show “Comme à la Maison” and Album “Les Enfants du Top 50”

In 2014, he created the show “Comme à la maison,” which presents pieces from various styles chosen by a spectator. He also produced the album “Les Enfants du top 50,” celebrating 30 years of the top 50.

Tour “Around the Guitar of Jean-Félix Lalanne”

In 2015, Jean-Félix Lalanne undertook the “Around the guitar of Jean-Félix Lalanne” tour in France with artists like Johnny Clegg, Christopher Cross, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Ron Thal, Paul Personne and Axel Bauer.

Guitar with Jean Felix Lalanne: Tributes and New Projects

“My Guitar in Dadi” Tour

The years 2016 and 2017 are marked by the “My guitar to Dadi” tour, a tribute to Marcel Dadi.

Album “Pick and Jazz”

In 2018, Jean-Félix Lalanne released the album “Pick and jazz” as a duo with guitarist Eric Gombart.

Guitar with Jean Felix Lalanne: Recent Concerts and Musical Projects

Concerts and Album “Back to Celtic Guitar”

Between 2018 and 2019, Jean-Félix Lalanne performed in various concerts, notably in a duo with guitarist Soig Siberil for “Back to Celtic guitar,” and released a CD in May 2019.

Solo and Trio Albums

In September 2019, he published an album of arrangements of Brassens songs for solo instrumental guitar, as well as a trio jazz album with bassist Kevin Reveyrand and drummer Pascal Reva.

Guitar with Jean Felix Lalanne: The “Al Capone” Musical Show

Creation and Launch

In March 2020, Jean-Félix Lalanne launched the musical show “Al Capone,” with Roberto Alagna in the role of Al Capone, Anggun in that of his sister, and Bruno Pelletier in the role of Eliot Ness. The show begins in 2023 at the Folies Bergères. Jean-Félix Lalanne remains an emblematic figure of the guitar, whose career and contributions have deeply marked the musical world.




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