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Play I was made for lovin you: BASS

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I was made for lovin you

i was made for lovin you bass tabLearn to play I was made for lovin you bass tab

I was made for lovin you bass tab: The eighth notes

The bass line in this part of the song is mainly characterized by the use of eighth notes, but it is essential to pay attention to the speed, because the song is rhythmic at 130 beats per minute. This cadence requires playing endurance, particularly due to the frequent use of eighth notes which maintain a fast tempo.

I was made for lovin you bass tab: Sixteenth notes

At the end of the verses, the bass line also features sixteenth notes, adding rhythmic variation and creating a dynamic effect. Work this passage well because the rhythmic flow is twice as high as the eighth notes.

I was made for lovin you bass tab: Octaves

The bass playing is based on alternating octaves, a technique characteristic of disco music. The octaves help create a rich, upbeat sound, bringing a distinctive dimension to the rhythm section of the song. Bass players, by tackling this part, will have the opportunity to develop their octave alternation technique and explore the nuances specific to this dynamic musical style.