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Les Blanches on bass

How to play the half note on bass?

La Blanche on bass

You have certainly learned to place and play Whole note in time, now learn how to place half notes on the bass guitar.
How to prop up a bass guitar? It's actually quite simple, we're going to divide the rhythm figures in half.
We saw that the whole note is worth 4 beats, and in this case, the half note on the bass guitar is worth 2. So you are going to play on the first beat which will last until the end of the second beat and on the third beat which will last until the end of the fourth beat.
It's easy, isn't it? Patience, you will soon become an ace pace !
In the rhythmic music theory course for beginners, you will also work on quarter notes and eighth notes.
This will allow you to start playing songs with a not too complicated rhythm.