Exercises 1-2


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The Pull-off

How to play a Pull off guitar?

Pull off guitar or PO: Here's yet another technical essential, another game effect that you must assimilate if you want to flesh out and embellish your solos when you improvise. But also to be able to play well-known and cult solos. If you only play your scales, your solos will be sorely lacking in “flavor”. Here again, the masters of the solo use this technique among many others. We are not going to mention them all but you will find in our courses the Ghost notes, the Bends, the Slides…etc.

THE Pull off consists of playing a note without using a pick. First you need a note that already sounds, then you just need to pull lightly on the string so that a note lower than this one resonates in turn. We very frequently find the Hammer just before this one.

We therefore offer you here several exercises with different rhythmic placements, so that you can be more comfortable and vary the ways of playing your guitar pull offs. Work on them slowly, then increase the speed as you go to improve your gestures and your sound. Then you can integrate it into your improvisations with other techniques if you have worked on others.