Half notes



Half notes

Half notes on the piano: What is a half note?

The white ones, it is very simple ! It takes up half of a four-beat bar. This means that when you play a half note, the sound lasts for 2 full beats. It's like you're splitting time into two equal parts.

To recognize it, look at its open note head with a small stem attached. The rod points up or down, depending on its position on the musical staff.

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So, the next time you see a half note in a score, remember that you have to play it and hold it for 2 beats. Take advantage of this time to express your musical talent!

Half notes on the piano: How to count them?

I'm going to talk to you about half notes as they relate to 4/4, or common time. In common time, there are four quarter note beats per measure. If you turn on your metronome and play one note per click, you are playing quarter notes.

Since a half note lasts twice as long as a quarter note, you must play a note for every two beats of the metronome to play half notes. There are two half notes in a measure of 4/4 time. it gives Note, click, Note, click

Remarks : Before playing half notes on the piano, I advise you to work the sweeps.