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Series 1


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#1 connections

What is a guitar rhythm slur in music?

The guitar rhythm slur is a symbol that allows you to extend the duration of a note or chord. It is represented graphically by a curve that connects two or more notes, indicating that they should be played in a linked manner, without interruption.

There are several types of connections rhythmic in music, each having its own meaning and effect on musical phrasing. The most common connections are:

  • The simple connection: it connects two notes of the same pitch and the same duration, indicating that the second note must be played without interruption after the first.
  • The extension link: it connects two notes of the same pitch, but of different durations, indicating that the first note must be prolonged up to the duration of the second note.
  • Phrase connection: it connects several notes to indicate that they are part of the same musical phrase, and that they must therefore be played in a linked manner, respecting the dynamics and expression of the phrase.

Rhythmic guitar binding is an essential element of musical phrasing and expression, because it links notes together, creates nuances and contrasts, and accentuates musical phrases and motifs. You will find them in many favourites , they also make it possible to create Offbeat rhythm using the resonance on the 1st double that we do not play.