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Puisque tu pars

puisque tu pars basse

Learn Puisque tu pars bass

In this track., the bass line follows a fairly predictable rhythm, without any big surprises. However, there is a challenge for you in terms of memorizing the notes and when to make note changes. It is essential to count beats correctly when changing notes, especially when dealing with long notes, such as Whole note.

To begin, in the beginning of the verse, the first note of the bass line is played on the first beat. This means that you will have to play it from the start of each measure. Then, the second note occurs on the fourth beat of each measure. This means that you will have to wait three beats before changing notes.

Also, remember to keep the rhythm consistent throughout the bass line. If the tempo is given in the score, make sure you follow it precisely. If you play with other musicians, this will help maintain the rhythmic cohesion of the ensemble.

By practicing this part regularly, you will eventually master it and play fluidly and precisely. Memorizing notes and note change times will become more natural with practice.

Our advice: take care of your notes and note changes by working slowly on each part of the song. Then, go through the different parts of the song slowly at first, then gradually increase. Also don't hesitate to play it a little faster to be comfortable compared to the original speed.

Now it's time to learn Puisque tu pars bass.