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Play Secret: PIANO

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Secret louane piano

How to play Secret Louane piano?

The piece "Secret” by Louane, from her self-titled album, is a poignant ballad that captivated listeners with its haunting melody and emotional lyrics. The piano arrangement of this song adds an extra dimension to its evocative power, highlighting the beauty of the music and allowing listeners to further immerse themselves in its world.

Secret Louane piano: Rhythm and Ambiance:

The piano arrangement of “Secret” is delicately paced, capturing the essence of the original song while providing an intimate and personal interpretation. The soft, flowing chords create an ethereal atmosphere, transporting the listener on an emotional journey through Louane's revealing lyrics.

The piano's subtle rhythm evokes a feeling of gentleness and tenderness, enveloping the listener in a cocoon of melancholy and introspection. Each note is carefully chosen to convey the pure emotion of the track, creating a mood that oscillates between nostalgia and hope.

Secret Louane piano: Rhythm

To play this piece you will need to master eighth notes on the piano. I refer you to the lesson on eighth notes on piano (Exercises 3 and 4) to familiarize yourself with the rhythm of this piece.

Good practice !