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Play Wind of change: DRUM

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Wind of change

Wind of change drums

The Iconic Drums of Scorpions’ “Wind of Change”

One of the most iconic songs in rock history, “Wind of Change”  from the album “Crazy world” of the Scorpios, stands out not only for its evocative lyrics, but also for powerful instrumentation, especially memorable drums. Let's dive into the drumming art behind this unforgettable ballad.

Wind of change drums: James Kottak

When recording “Wind of Change” in 1990, the drummer behind the kit was James Kottak. A member of the Scorpions from 1996 to 2016, Kottak contributed to several of the group's iconic albums, including “Crazy World” which features the famous song.

Wind of change drums: The Rhythm Signature

The drums on “Wind of Change” are instantly recognizable thanks to their distinctive beat. Rather than resorting to vigorous, energetic hits, the drumming adopts a more measured style, in perfect harmony with the melodic and poetic nature of the song. Snare drum rolls and cymbal hits provide a subtle yet impactful rhythmic backdrop.

Wind of change drums: Power in Simplicity

What makes the drumming of “Wind of Change” so memorable is its power in its simplicity. Rather than dominating the ensemble, it blends harmoniously with the other instruments, creating a captivating atmosphere. Kottak's controlled and precise strokes emphasize the emotional nature of the song without ever eclipsing it.

Wind of change drums: Dynamic Progression

As “Wind of Change” evolves, the drums follow a dynamic progression that accompanies the song's build-up. From quieter, contemplative moments to emotional crescendos, the drums play a vital role in the song's musical narrative.

Wind of change drums: The Impact of drum on Emotion

The drums of “Wind of Change” contribute significantly to the contemplative and nostalgic atmosphere of the song. She highlights key moments with remarkable precision, adding emotional depth to an already sentimental piece.

How to play Wind of Change more simply on drums?

Wind of change drums: Rhythm (simplified)

If you embark on the adventure of playing “Wind of Change” by the Scorpions on the drums, it is essential to understand and master the rhythm. The hi-hat and wrinkle pattern has been simplified compared to the original version. You just need to know your first binary rhythm on the drums. Don't forget to immerse yourself in variations 1 and 2 of the course on binary rhythms, because they bring an interesting nuance to your playing in the different parts of the piece.

Wind of change drums: Fills

When it comes to fills, focus on the single strokes technique. Fortunately, the song is quite slow, which will make it easier to execute your fills precisely. Take the time to practice this technique to ensure a smooth transition during breaking moments in the song.

Another crucial skill to acquire is mastery of the rhythmic figures “8th notes/2 sixteenth notes” and “2 sixteenth notes/8th notes”. These specific rhythm patterns add an extra dimension to the drums during fills in the song. . Make sure you understand them well and integrate them into your game to faithfully recreate the essence of “Wind of Change”.

In summary, the key to playing “Wind of Change” successfully lies in a thorough understanding of rhythm. Become familiar with the variations of binary rhythms, work on the single strokes technique for fills, and master specific rhythmic figures for precise and expressive execution. With regular practice and patience, you will soon be able to play this iconic piece with confidence and musicality.


Play Wind of change: DRUM

Version : 


Difficulty : 


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Wind of change

How to play Wind of Change on drums?

Wind of change drums: Rhythmic pattern of the hi-hat and ride

The hi-hat and ride motif is played in eighth notes/2 sixteenth notes throughout the piece.

Wind of change drums: Right hand and bass drum foot coordination.

Combining the rhythmic pattern of the hi-hat or ride with the bass drum will take some practice. I advise you to work this pattern with the different bass drum combinations.