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Black hole sun

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Learn Black hole sun from Soundgarden?

Black Hole Sun” is a song by the American rock band Soundgarden. Written by the leader Chris Cornell, the song was released in 1994 by A&M Records as the third single from the group's fourth studio album, "Superunknown" (1994). Considered the group's emblematic song, it occupied first place on the American Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart, where it remained at the top for 7 weeks. Although it reached number two on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart, “Black Hole Sun” ranked as the top song of 1994 in that category.

Anecdote musicaleKim Thayil's arpeggiated guitar sound on the verses is produced by running the guitar through a Leslie cab speaker, normally designed for use with a Hammond organ. We can see a real desire to experiment, reminiscent of the innovative approach of the Beatles.

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Learn Black hole sun: general information

The tempo of the song is 52 BPM, which is quite slow. The measures are generally in 4/4, but be careful with asymmetrical measures. You will find measures in 2/4, in 6/4, but also in 9/8 on the Solo part and at the end of the piece.

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Learning to sing and play 'Black Hole Sun' on guitar is an exciting adventure for music lovers. This iconic Soundgarden track presents an interesting challenge on both a vocal and guitar level, offering an exploration of the vocal technique and guitar chords characteristic of 90s grunge. Focusing on mastering rhythm, vocal nuances and chords complex, learners can develop a deep understanding of music and hone their skills as a singer and guitarist. With regular practice and patience, learning 'Black Hole Sun' becomes a rewarding experience, allowing musicians to discover the very essence of alternative rock.

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Learn black hole sun

Black Hole Sun" is a this song American rock band Soundgarden. Written by the leader Chris Cornell, there song was published in 1994 by A&M Records as the third single from the band's fourth studio album, “Superunknown” (1994). Considered the band's signature anthem, it topped the US Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart, holding the top position for 7 weeks. Although it peaked at number two on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart, “Black Hole Sun” was distinguished as the best title of 1994 in this category.

Learning black hole sun: Some anecdotes

Cornell claimed to have written the song in about 15 minutes. He used a Gretsch guitar to compose the song, commenting: “I thought the band wouldn't like this song, and yet it became the biggest hit of the summer.” Cornell came up with the idea for the song using a Leslie speaker. The guitarist Kim Thayil explained that the Model 16 Leslie speaker was ideal for the song because “it's very Beatles-esque and has a distinctive sound.

It ended up completely transforming the song.” Thayil added that the song “was neither too risky nor too conventional. It was the touch of gentleness that made it easier to take the medicine. Now it has become the 'Dream On' of our repertoire”. The song was played in a slightly lowered D tuning, similar to that used for the group's debut single, "Hunted Down." Drummer Matt Cameron called the song a “radical change.” Credit goes to Michael Beinhorn and Brendan O'Brien, producer and sound engineer respectively.

Learn black hole sun: Testimonial

During his appearance on The Pods & Sods Network in July 2017, Beinhorn shared details about the recording process for Superunknown and expressed his reaction to listening to “Black Hole Sun” for the first time: “I think everything Throughout my life, until my last breath, I will never forget how I felt when they started playing this song. From the very first notes, I felt like I had been struck by lightning. I was simply stunned. What is that ? Just thinking about it now gives me chills.”

Learn Black hole sun: Style and lyrics

Musically, “Black Hole Sun” has been characterized as grunge, psychedelic rock, alternative rock, hard rock and stoner rock. Regarding the song's lyrics, Cornell said: "It's a surreal dreamscape, a strange song that plays with the title." He also claimed that “lyrically, it's probably the closest thing to playing with words for the sake of words of anything I've written. I guess it worked for a lot of people who heard it, but I have no idea how literally it could be interpreted.”

Learn black hole sun: a sad song

In another interview, he elaborated further, saying: “It's funny because hits usually have a congruent, identifiable lyrical idea, and this song had almost none. The lyrical part of the chorus is quite beautiful and easy to remember. Other than that, I really didn't understand it after writing it. I just got caught up in the music and I was painting a picture with the lyrics. There was no real idea to convey.” Commenting on how the song has been misinterpreted as positive, Cornell said: “No one seems to understand this, but 'Black Hole Sun' is sad.

Learn Black hole sun: The true meaning of the lyrics

Because the melody is really pretty, everyone thinks it’s almost upbeat, which is ridiculous.” When asked about the line “The times are over for honest men,” Cornell said:

“It is really difficult for a person to create their own life and their own freedom. It's going to get harder and harder, and it's going to create more and more disillusioned people who become dishonest and angry and are willing to fuck the next guy to get what they want. There is so much stepping on the backs of others in our profession. We were so lucky that we never had to do that. Part of it was our own tenacity, and part of it was luck.”

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Learn Black Hole Sun: The US release

“Black Hole Sun” was released in mid-1994 and became the most successful song from the album Superunknown on the US rock charts, becoming the band's most recognizable and popular song. It charted on Billboard's Hot 100 Airplay, reaching the top 30. The following week, it debuted on the Mainstream Top 40, where it reached number nine in eight weeks and remained on the chart until his 20th week.

The song reached number one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and number two on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. It remained at the top of the Mainstream Rock chart for seven weeks. At the 1995 Grammy Awards, “Black Hole Sun” won Best Hard Rock Performance and was nominated for Best Rock Song.

Learn Black hole sun: The international release

Overseas, the single was released in Australia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. In Canada, the song reached the top 10 on the RPM 100 Hit Tracks chart, remaining in the top 10 for three weeks and becoming the group's highest-charting song in Canada. “Black Hole Sun” reached the top 20 in the UK and was the last single from the album to make the top 20 in the UK. It remains the band's highest-charting song in the UK. In Australia, the song debuted at number ten but quickly tumbled down the chart.

Learn Black hole sun: The release in Australia

However, heavy airplay and a promotional visit to Australia stimulated renewed interest in Superunknown. “Black Hole Sun” reached number six on the Australian singles chart. In the Netherlands, Germany and New Zealand, “Black Hole Sun” reached the top 30, and it was a top 10 hit in France and Ireland. It held the top spot on the Icelandic singles chart for one week and was a moderate top 20 hit in Sweden. The single sold over three million copies worldwide.

Learn Black hole sun: Comparisons

Greg Prato of AllMusic called the song “one of the few high points” of mid-1994, when “the world was still reeling from the suicide of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in April of that year ”. He stated that “the song had a psychedelic feel (especially evident in the guitar part of the verse), as the composition moved from a serene melody to huge guitar riffs. The lyrics were pure Chris Cornell – the lines didn't really make sense on paper, but they worked in the song. Ann Powers of Blender proclaimed that "Cornell's Beatles fixation pays off with the hit single 'Black Hole Sun'".

Learn Black Hole Sun: Reviews

James Masterton wrote in his weekly comments on the UK chart, “Easily the most commercial single the American group has released to date”. Jon Pareles of The New York Times said: “The Beatles' techniques – fuzz-like bass chords, legato lead guitar hooks and Ringo Starr-heavy drumming…are tied to the Lennon-style melody in 'Black Hole Sun'”. Roger Morton of NME called it the “best moment” of their album, “a downbeat melodramatic ballad, whose darkness is offset by curious psychedelic guitar figures”.

JD Considine of Rolling Stone said: “With its haunting, Lennon-like melody and Harrison-like guitar, 'Black Hole Sun' is a wonderful exercise in Beatlesian style; the problem is that it’s not a very good song, offering more in terms of mood and atmosphere than melodic direction.”