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Comment jouer Secret de Louane
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How to play Secret of Louane?

Secret is a song by the French singer Louane first released as a single in October 2022. This is the first single from his third album "Sentiments", published on December 9, 2022.

Secret is a song where Louane expresses her internal struggles and hopes for her daughter, exploring her own vulnerabilities as a woman and mother.

Anecdote musicaleLouane was initially reluctant to release “Secret” and even record it, but she was encouraged by her artistic director and director to do a take for a demo, which ultimately resulted in the creation piece!

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> HOW TO PLAY Secret ?

Comment jouer Secret de Louane

How to play Secret of Louane?

Explore with us the mysteries of Louane’s captivating interpretation of “Secret”. This detailed guide takes you behind the scenes of this magnificent song, revealing the subtleties of the chords and instruments used by Louane to bring this emotional piece to life.

How to Play Guitar Chords and Sing Secret de Louane?

Explore the intricacies of her voice, as she skillfully masters the use of her head voice and falsetto to bring emotional depth to her singing, as well as her many dynamic inflections that add a fluid, natural touch to her performance .

Learn about the challenges encountered when performing this song, including the tricky transition from chest to head voice, as well as the articulation and rhythm challenges encountered in the verses, pre-choruses, and choruses . Plus, delves into the subtle differences between pre-choruses and explores the specific vocal demands of choruses, including the strategic use of lead vocals to hit the highest notes with ease and precision.

When it comes to guitar chords, learn the four simple chords – Em (E minor), G (G major), D (D major) and C (C major) that form the basis of this song, with step-by-step instructions on how to play them and sequence them to recreate the characteristic atmosphere of "Secret".

> what is the story of Secret ?

Comment jouer Secret de LouaneHow to play Secret de Louane: The Genesis of “Secret”

In 2021, Louane announces his work on a new album, leaning toward “hyper energetic” songs. Seeking inspiration, she engages in special interaction with her fans on TikTok, platform where she has 1.2 million subscribers. She invites them to share their stories and emotions, then creates songs from these stories. This innovative process transformed his plans, interrupting the preparation of his fourth album to concentrate on these new compositions.

This is how in October, "Secret" sees the light of day, first extract from his future album “Sentiments“, scheduled for December 9, 2022. This moving song, written entirely by Louane, is the result of an extraordinary artistic approach, fueled by the direct connection with its audience.

How to play Secret of Louane : What “Secret” Is About

"Secret" turns out to be a touching ode, intended for his daughter and imbued with intimate confessions. In this first extract from the album "Sentiments", Louane explores her own vulnerabilities as a woman and mother. Through poignant lyrics, she discusses her internal struggles, expressing her difficulties in accepting herself and her hope that her daughter does not make the same mistakes.

In a refined style, accompanied only by the piano, Louane delivers a feminist and authentic message, inviting the listener to dive into its complex emotional universe. This song resonates as a sincere declaration of love and a poignant testimony of his personal journey.

How to play Secret of Louane : Anecdotes about “Secret”

One year after the release of "Secret", Louane shares surprising details about the genesis of this song that became one of his biggest hits. Initially hesitant to record it, she was encouraged by her team to do a take, without great expectations. Yet this spontaneous demo resonates with unexpected power.

The astonishment of Louane in the face of the craze TikTok And Instagram, where users perform their children to his song, illustrates the unpredictable magic of artistic creation and connection with the audience. “Secret” thus becomes much more than a simple song, but a true emotional phenomenon, revealing the depth of its impact on listeners.


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