Apprendre à jouer de la Guitare Facilement

How to learn a musical instrument ?

With good tools, a methodology and some regularity, learn the Guitar, THE Piano, THE Vocals, there Drums, or the BASS is completely accessible to everyone.
We provide you with a Interactive video player and intuitive, favourites available in several levels and exercises which correspond to the difficulties rhythmic And techniques present in each piece. And this for each instrument!

To learn even more precisely, contact a teacher in person, it will perhaps be partner of Yooplay, and if this is not yet the case, all he has to do is tell us make a request. It will give you serious pricing advantage on Yooplay.

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But who is behind Yooplay ?

We are a team of Musicians, Teachers, Composers and Producers active in the field for over 15 years.
Thus our experience in the world of music and particularly in pedagogy, has gradually led us to imagine a educational tool simple of use

our video course tool to learn a musical instrument

Thanks to our Video player you can to slow down the speed of your course, buckle the parts to be worked, use the metronome integrated, download free sheet music, play on the versions playbacks, save your favorites, and much more! You can now learn a musical instrument!

Free music lessons for beginners ?

Our method for learning musical instrument for free is made up of exercises and informative videos to help you learn the basics. Then you can start playing favourites in “Beginner” Level. For this you will find everything you need for beginners at Guitar, At Piano, At Vocals, to the Drums and BASS.

Our music lesson method for learning a musical instrument

Yooplay offers guitar lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons, singing lessons and bass lessons through a fun and personalized method.

Indeed, whatever your style (Rock, Pop, Blues, Metal, etc.) you will find well-known songs on our site, available in different versions for each instrument so that you can learn and have fun whatever your level. . In addition, from beginner to expert you will also be able to progress thanks to our tutorials, our technical and theoretical courses in a simple and visual way. Learning an instrument is within reach!

how does Yooplay work ?

In this level, the rhythms covered, as well as the chords (guitar and piano), are simple and allow you to play a piece quickly. First of all, the objective is to acquire the basics and to play in rhythm while having fun. Furthermore, some pieces will seem a little more difficult to you but they will allow you to take a step towards moving to the “Initiate” Level.

In this level, the rhythms proposed become more complex. For guitarists, barre chords are a given.
They will allow you to familiarize yourself with more varied rhythmic patterns and techniques that will bring color to your playing.
If you like solos, you have already worked on several techniques that allow you to play some of them. You start to improvise. (e.g.: Specific guitar techniques, independence technique for drums, etc.). At this stage you are a little more independent (you start to choose your technical exercises), but you will have to apply them to pieces to move to the next level.

You will tackle more advanced techniques: difficult rhythms, independence, harmonization, dexterity, precision, dynamics, etc.
With work, this level will bring you more freedom in your game...
If you're a soloist, you tackle more and more techniques and spend time working on increasingly difficult solos.

Do you hate music theory ?? Here is our method for learning a musical instrument

Our Method is based on the visual: each piece is, as far as possible, available in several difficulty levels to allow everyone to learn and have fun whatever its level (certain difficulties are simplified in levels lower than the original). In addition, each Level refers you to tutorials and exercises that correspond to it. Additionally, if you have a cover band and the other members are not at the same level as you, you will be able to play together no matter what.

Apprendre un instrument

how to learn a musical instrument quickly ?

These are the exercises that will allow you to increase your abilities, your endurance, your ease and to move on to higher Difficulty Levels.
On the other hand, if you don't know what to work on, choose a piece then your level. Our prerequisites will guide you.

Tips for learning a musical instrument

If a level seems too complicated to you, don't hesitate to work on the previous level. In addition, it will provide you with useful technical knowledge to move to the next level. If you lack a little technique, work on the prerequisite technical tutorials to be able to approach the higher level of the piece. You will also find a description of these levels for each instrument.

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to do work sessions of 10/15 minutes per day. Regular work always pays off in the end!

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